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Pradeepan Nagarasu

Who is Pradeepan Nagarasu?

I'm Pradeepan (Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer) from Tamil Nadu, India, and I'm 22 years old. I've been doing digital marketing for 3 years and wanted to share my experience and help spread the word about entrepreneurship!
I graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering in the Computer Science Department and Engineering at The Kavery Engineering College. I began my career with basic knowledge, starting to learn how to survive and make money online. Eventually, I succeeded in making money with digital marketing.
As a result, this website is dedicated entirely to digital marketing and learning how to make money online using simple to advanced skills. Simply follow me on Facebook and Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, or other social networks if you would like to generate revenue.


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We are concentrating just on health, wealth, and relationships niche. Such that individuals will quickly understand their concerns and receive specific answers.

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